EcuM – This AUTOSAR Module executes startup of an ECU : Part-2

In this article, we will look at the STARTUP phase of the ECU in detail. The figure below shows the startup sequence of an ECU. Activities before EcuM_Init Once the ECU starts the first step is MCU initialization. As soon as the microcontroller unit receives power, it jumps to the reset vector to run the […]


EcuM – This AUTOSAR Module executes startup of an ECU : Part-1

The startup sequence for the ECU is handled by the ECU Manager module or EcuM. EcuM is responsible for the initialization as well as the deinitialization of the entire ECU.After the execution of the startup file of a microcontroller this is the first module which executes during startup. -According to  AUTOSAR Specification an ECU includes […]


TinyML: A bag full of opportunities!

Big potential TinyML engulfs the field of machine learning technologies capable of performing on-device analytics of sensor data at low power. A glance under the hood shows this is fundamentally possible because deep learning models are limited by the time it takes to complete a large number of arithmetic operations. The advancement in TinyML has […]


The world of TinyML enabled devices

Can you imagine small tiny intelligent devices around you? Your washing machine saying I have a fault please diagnose me. Lights are turned on by your voice without any internet, unlike Alexa or Siri.  YES, they all contain tinyML in them. TinyML is a type of machine learning that shortens deep learning networks to fit […]


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